Pregnancy test says positive

Last Sunday, I took a pregnancy test and here is a picture of the result that says positive. Yay! Does this mean George is going to have a little brother soon? We hope so and we hope he will be as healthy as baby George was still in my tummy before. So much for the excitement, we also took it in a stride. We have been facing lots of difficulties in life lately. Broken antique item, car accident, broken tooth and now, a baby! Hope you will include us in your prayers guys and especially for our second baby to be born successfully in this world.

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  • Mommy Rubz says:

    Congratulations Mommy!! Why baby brother? Ayaw mo baby sister? Hehehe…

  • blankPixels says:

    Congratulations, sis Mel!! Woohoo!! I’m also wishing I’d have a baby soon. I don’t care who the daddy is as long as I have a baby before I turn 35. Hahaha.

    Kidding aside, I’m with you in prayers that you’ll have a healthy baby. Take care, sis. :)

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