Yehey, Ice cream shacks are already open for Spring

Today, we will start joining Memes for this blog. We like to share our family moments to family time hosted by mam Jes at New home sweet home.  I hope you guys will be comfortable in visiting here in our family blog. Yesterday, after we went to church, Daddy took us an ice cream treat. This ice cream shack is one of our faves whenever we used this route to Sheffield, Pennsylvania. As we all know, most of ice cream shacks are closed during winter season, and now they are back because Spring is finally here.

They got lots of variety flavors of Perry’s ice cream there.

Daddy is feeding the kiddie cone to George which has Chocolate Panda paws in it. Daddy picked the same flavor for himself too.

I love eating the flavor of Oregon blackberry cheesecake ice cream. Mmm! Thank you Daddy for this treat! We had a great time.

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