A simple celebration and some inspiration in my garden

Last Saturday we had a simple celebration to remember our Engagement five years ago. Time flies by so quickly and memories in the past serves as our inspiration in building our family. They say, past is past, true, but it will always serve as your footprint to where you are now and in the future. We need to remember those so we can change for the better. Anyhow, my husband and I waited for one year and three months before we got married. We shared our thoughts and ideas of what would our family would be in those days. He also told me a story of a friend who is loaned money just to get an expensive apartment for his wife. His friend was thinking of getting one of  VA home loans to borrow money to buy a new house rather than having an apartment. My husband said he’s lucky that he has not undergone such complicated decision in life and that we decided to get a new house right away rather than living in an apartment. Anyhow, we were also idealistic back then, some of those ideas turned disappointment but we accepted it that there is no perfect marriage, but you can both live together if you are serious with your devotion to each other.

We went out for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.

I baked a cake and shared to my family in law.

And here is an inspiration from my garden this week. After seeing so many green foliage for a week or two this Spring, my Daffodils are finally blooming! I will get busy in my garden again. Do you plant a garden in your home too?

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