Mama is a novice baker and a thrift hunter

Oh yeah, its Friday! Time for Pink Fridays hosted by Mommy Rubz. I feel like making the color of our fifth anniversary Engagement cake mostly pink because the color itself signifies cheerfulness and we hope to have more cheerful years to come in our married and family life. I told my husband about Group Health Insurance and asked if it is the same kind of insurance offered in his work on a College. I explained further that a good thing about this kind of insurance is both the employer and the employee are covered of the same kind of insurance and that it reduces tax payments. He said he is not sure if it is offered in his school employment but at the moment, he is contented of what the school offered for his insurance coverage and that I don’t have to worry because me and my kids will be covered as well. Anyhow, I also found this pink flower vase that is a shape like tulip. I love the way it shines and its glossy inside and out. I only paid $1 for it during my Rummage sale hunting last Saturday.

engagement anniversary cake

tulip vase

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