Mama is Thrift hunting

Hi guys! I just wanted to share the things I bought from a Rummage sale last Saturday. My mom in law and I loves to go thrift hunting. We do not want to be pack rats here and we see to it that the stuff we got is still durable to use like this sets of dinnerware I got here. Then I also got a pink flower vase, a nut bowl, a photo frame and these set of ducks are just too cute for me to take it so I did. It cost me around $19 for all of these and it was a nice buy because the said sale is fund raising for the Down syndrome children to be continued to be trained in taking care and be entertained in their animal farm. Do you like going to garage sales too?

My first time to join:

Thrift Hunting Meme

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  • Lui says:

    i like that nut bowl.. and that’s a really good buy. crockery and decor can be quite pricey if you buy it new ;) thanks for joining the thrift hunt. Looking forward to reading more about your finds.

    ps. added you on the thrifters list..

  • Chie Wilks says:

    wow sis mel, andami mong ko yang parng tulip na flower vase

  • cheerful says:

    wow, lots of goodies and i love that nut bowl. yes, i love going to expat/garage sale even on those thrift shops around town! have a great week!

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