The Mama is busy updating her other blogs

Hi Folks! Sorry I have not been present in your blogs lately and that I was not able to update this blog for a few days now. I have been busy contacting other people who can help me install wordpress in my other two main blogs from blogger. So yeah, it is not an easy job by doing it manually especially for a newbie like me. Hope you will be patient for my posts to show up in my mommy and garden blogs too. I read in my comments that many of you did not see the pictures of this blog. I am sorry about that, but if you try reloading the page you wanted to see, I think it will appear again. It shows up quickly and complete in my end though. Also, some of my blogging buddies are asking and anxious to know about my father in law’s condition. As for my new updates about him, he will be discharged in the hospital this afternoon and will be transferred to a nearby nursing home. I am glad to know that its just a few blocks away from our house so we can visit him more often. His feeding tube was installed last Friday morning and after 24 hours, they liquify his Parkinson’s medicines because it has been five days he was not allowed to eat nor drink his medicines, food and water. When I saw him Easter Sunday, he was less hallucinating and was able to communicate well with us though we tried our best to really understand what he was saying. We will be visiting him again tonight and we will be watching one of his favorite movies in my laptop. As for me, I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary in living here in USA with my husband and my babies. I thank God for all these blessings. I also want to thank those bloggeretes who liked and read my posts updates. In Facebook, we will be more updated of what is happening around us, especially to our family, loved ones and friends.

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