Old things that George discovered

George and I had a great time during our Easter lunch with church friends during our Easter Sunday this year. One of our friend invited us to this fancy historical hotel and we did not know that he will pay our meal. I thought the meal was expensive because it is set in a Victorian setting where the dinnerware we’re using are quite delicate. That was my second time to experience a classical theme kind of dining. We enjoyed the food and everybody’s company. George even got to meet new kiddo friends sitting on our next table though they were not our church friends. I don’t know where he got those guts because my husband and I are shy type of person.

Our lunch table. I took the pictures while nobody did not notice.

George in orange and other kids. He is showing his new toy to them and they played with him.

On our way out, we noticed that there were these buggies and sleds being displayed outside. It is one of their historical displays and they are very old way back in the 1800’s.

And George got to chose where he wanted to sit. In this old red sled. Pretty neat.

And our first time to join:


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