Mama is drying Daddy’s Roses and enjoyed her new finds from garage sales

Hi everyone! I had these roses 10 days ago and they were given to me by my husband as my third anniversary bouquet of living here in America. I hung them upside down so I could dry and preserve them. The flowers will dry crisp and they retain their color if you dry them that way. And oh, if you want to try this, make sure to hang them before the first petal falls. So the earlier the better.

My fourth time to join:

And here are some loots I got from the garage sales this week. I realized these necklace are quite pricey, they were a dollar each. The owner said they are vintage. I also bought a nice glass pitcher for my mother in law which was a dollar and a bag for me which was for five dollars.

My second time to join:

Thrift Hunting Meme

Update: A little favor mommies and friends, if you happen to read this post today May 8th 2011, Happy Mothers day! Also, could you help me by voting in these following contest I joined lately? :)

Please vote for me before this contest ends in 24 hours, May 9@6am Eastern time & May 9@6pm Philippines time. HOW TO VOTE: Go to: Inside comment box, type these sentence only “I WANT TO VOTE MOMMY #16.” In the Comment option, click small arrow down and click Name/URL. Put your short name and your Facebook profile or blog url there.

Another contest I joined is found here: Just go to this link and leave me a comment there.

Hope you can still vote before these contest ends. Money will be included for me to buy new baby clothing and stuff for my second baby who will be due this July 27th.

Hugs to all!

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