Mama makes Ukrainian easter eggs

Last Saturday, we went to the local library to visit the artworks of our local artist. My husband and I has been a member to this local art group for two years now. He won the group’s art theme competition this month for fifty dollars being a first placer. He decided not to sell that art work yet but I am so proud of him. While me, I was able to create three Ukrainian easter eggs and displayed it in the Spring art show. It will be there for two weeks and I hope I could sell them. They are made of empty goose eggs and I apply colors through egg dyes. It is really fun doing this art. I got inspired last year that I was able to sell three eggs for fifty dollars.

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  • Mrs.D says:

    wow! ka talented jud ninyo nga family yotch…bongga!

  • bingkaycoy says:

    I read the history of Ukrainian eggs and I have seen images of them in the net….I didn’t know you make them….you should have put a link to that post where you posted your creations…I hope you could sell them quickly.

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