Mama miss being a nurse

I miss being a nurse. This feeling suddenly appeared to me when I saw my brother finished his nursing degree two months ago. I remember how happy I am to have finished same degree in Philippines. But sad to say, I have to undergo lots of exams to be a license nurse here in America. It has been four years now that I have not practiced my profession. I think need to go back and study nursing program again. I searched online nursing degree nearby our local area, and there is one in Jamestown where my husband worked. His school has an online website and offers a two year nursing associate degree. In America, if you study a two year nursing associate degree, it will entitle you to take the NCLEX exam and be a licensed nurse if you pass. Once you are licensed, you can work. How I wish it will happen to me someday. I still have high hopes that I will work as a nurse here in America.

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  • J Allyssa says:

    My mom is a nurse too. She stopped working for almost a decade pero she went back din. Hope you can work there soon :)

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