Anticipating dates

My husband and I talked about how and when are we going to prepare for George’s birthday and our upcoming trip to Syracuse, New York. George’s second birthday will be seven days more to go, on June 2nd, as of today and our Syracuse trip is on June 5th, ten days more to go. And so we finalized our plans that we are going to Erie City next Thursday to celebrate George’s birthday as a family and we have to prepare our luggage Saturday next week. My husband finally booked our hotel stay there for six nights. It is a very nice hotel according to their internet description. He decided to have a room where there is a mini kitchen so we can save money in cooking our own food rather than going to restaurants everyday. I so love the pictures of the room after I searched it online. There are a couple of things in my list to buy before we go there. I need a maternity swim suit, a couple of maternity clothing and new clothing for my husband. I already bought his clothing online yesterday and they will arrive before we go to our trip. I have not bought mine yet but I will get busy on that today. I have to buy a new toddler bed and a trike for toddler for George’s birthday presents too. Oh what a hectic and expensive days it will be for us, but I will just keep on praying to God that we will find more ways in healing our finances and getting our plans of the week a successful one.

Me smelling lilacs.

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