Cleaning up some stuff before going to a trip

We had a busy time today, my husband and I has finalized packing our luggage bags for our trip to Syracuse, New York tomorrow. And before going to the trip, we have to make the house tidy for a bit so it will be relaxing by the time we get back home. I just noticed that George has been into our telephone and cable wiring again. He really likes to play with those wires. I suggested to my husband we could probably get one of those surface raceways that I found online that will secure all wiring in one protective case and that George will not get hold of them again. Our house needs more baby proofing. There are lots of things to keep in mind to secure our house and our kids. Anyhow, we are getting excited for our trip. It is going to be a six to seven hours car trip. Hope you guys will also pray for us to get there safe.

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