Daddy teaching George to marshmallow roast

The other night, we went to my family in law’s house to do some family bonding outside. We just had a simple cookout, grilled some burgers, hotdogs and chicken meat and the most awaited part of the night was to marshmallow roast. I love doing that. Perfect for this warm days and cool nights. Anyhow, George was tailing his Daddy most of the time. He wants to help and so Daddy permit him to do some things. He was able to throw some twigs in the fire and Daddy taught George how to do marshmallow roast. Oh George was excited, he burned some of his marshmallows but its his first time. He did not eat it but had fun of just roasting the marshmallow.

Here is Daddy teaching George how to do marshmallow roast.

George is fascinated of the fire. We kept our eyes close to him as much as possible. You know kids, they are unpredictable.

And here is George, caught in the act, eating marshmallow before roasting it.

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