Daddy and Mommy is missing George

My husband and I expressed today that we are really missing our eldest son today. I cant help myself but teardrops fell in my eyes as I am watching these pictures. We took this during the first night we arrived here in Syracuse. We are so happy and excited back then. We are still happy though that baby Vince has finally arrived, but there are still some stress he still in the hospital and we are like orphans living here in Syracuse. Anyhow, we have to focus on what’s happiness that came into our life and time to move on. I bet George is wondering where we are and he has no idea of what is going on. I miss his smiles and sweetness that he kissed me many times when he visited me in the hospital. Poor thing. When you get to read this post someday George, I want you to know that I love you and we really really miss you!

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