Our precious moments with baby Vince

When I was in the hospital, I took lots of my time visiting baby Vince in the NICU. I want to hold my new baby. And its same feeling that his Dad has for him. A few updates about him is that he still gets jaundiced, so they put him in some hours of phototherapy so he can excrete his fluids from his kidneys and to be less puffy and edema to his skin. I noticed he has been very hungry but he sucks only a few seconds and gets sleepy. The nurse said that, that is normal for preterm babies and one has to be precautious about it. I have a hard time releasing my breast milk too as he does not suck long time to my breast like George used to do when he was a newborn. I still did not give up breast feeding until now and I am pumping manually using the breast pump. Meanwhile, since I am away from the hospital now, I got discharged yesterday, the nurses said they could give a few teaspoons of premie infant formula for baby Vince until I can give them my expressed breast milk. I miss baby Vince to be in my breast again. And I hope to visit him this morning before 10 AM as we need to evacuate to another place that is cheaper than the hotel we are staying in the past few days.

Baby Vince.

Baby Vince with Daddy.

Baby Vince with Mommy.

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