While at Clinton Square park

A few days ago, I kept on bugging my husband to look for a postal service center where I could send my Father’s day card to my Father in Philippines and some postcards to friends. It turned out that there is one a few blocks away from the Ronald Mcdonald charity house where we stayed while baby Vince is in the hospital. I am so glad I was able to send my card for my father that day and it also turned out that the office is nearby the city’s famous park, the Clinton Square park. It has lots of historical buildings surrounding the beautiful park. Very ornate and fancy looking buildings. In their park, they have a huge fountain area where I thought it looks like a big rectangular pool but it turned out that it is where people can entertain themselves by dipping their feet into the shallow water. It was crystal clean too and it was perfect to do the dipping of feet that day as it was hot and muggy. Here are my pictures.

It was a lovely day. My husband and I got some time of bonding together while George was not with us yet that day as he was baby-sited by his grandma and uncle many miles away.

Me with my new look. Tummy still has a little bump but no more baby inside.

Hubby joined me walking around the fountain area by dipping our feet in the cool water. Other people in the area were doing it as well. It was fun.

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