Mom stayed put

Thanks to Roman May

When my mom told me she was going to stay in the farmhouse when dad died, I was really opposed. It just didn’t seem safe to have her out there all by herself and she didn’t even know how to use a cell phone, much less a computer! She was bound and determined, though, so I knew I had to do what I could to make it a better life for her. The first thing I did was get her internet through and teach her how to do the basics like send emails and sign onto Facebook. Once that was taken care of I got her a really basic flip phone and taught her how to use it…now she’s even begging me to learn how to text! She really misses dad but I know she likes staying in the old house and keeping in touch with us kids better. If I can make her life a little happier a bit at a time I’m glad to do it, I suppose. Mom’s done a lot for me over the years!

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