Our first day trip to Syracuse and first night stay in a hotel

What an eventful day it was during our car trip to Syracuse, New York a couple of weeks ago. Indeed, it was a six hours trip. We had at least 2 rest stops on the way there, and 2 stops for us to visit my husband’s relatives houses in Rochester, New York. They expected us to come and it was fun meeting and bonding with them the second time. I was too shy to take pictures but I hope Aunt Joanne will send us her pictures soon. It was my first time to see Rochester city and I saw lots of tall buildings and bridges there. The atmosphere is like when I visited Pittsburgh city many times so it was not that all shocking to me. We got back on the road to our hotel quite dark at night already and I felt my husband a little bit nervous in his driving as New York state’s interstate roads has the speed limit is 80 miles per hour straight and there were lots of big truck trailers on the road. The feeling is like riding a super fast roller coaster as the cars and big trucks has some kind of driving competition in the road. I felt like I have to hold my breathe too. My husband has also some driving problems at night as he has some poor visions that he can’t see deer on the side of the road nor of its trying to get near the road. I saw at least three deer on the way while he didn’t. I am glad I was there as his vision assistant.

Cresthill suites Syracuse is the name of the hotel. It was an air-conditioned king suite with a family sized living room and kitchen in one room. We hit the bedroom as we are getting tired and ready for bed time. But suddenly, we had a nice time playing in the king sized bed as it is very big for the three of us. My husband and I decided to let George sleep between us so he won’t fall in the bed. I took pictures of George and I tickling each other and George and his Dad wrestling each other in the bed. What a fun moment it was. We really enjoyed our first night in the hotel after all the tiring trip. I suppose some of you may have heard about the other detailed stories I got of this trip from my other blog. I will post some summaries in this blog in my next posts.

George and me tickling in bed.

George and Daddy wrestling in bed.

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