Welcome to the Christian world, Vince – part 2

Baby Vince’s baptism did not take very long. Many people were asking if it was long because we had it in a Traditional latin rite. For us, it didn’t take long time because we are used to it, and why not use this rite that it is now available for the church to administer? It is a beautiful rite though, Baby Vince’s godparents provided a side by side latin and English translation copies. While the priest says it in latin, readers who haven’t encountered latin can understand while reading the English translation. The rite has lots of rituals that includes the priests passing of blessing to the infant, applying salt for wisdom, oil of catechumens for welcoming baby to be baptized, baptismal water for welcoming holy spirit and cleansing baby’s soul and oil of chrism after baby is baptized. I am so proud to be his Mom. We felt blessed to have our children baptized in a formal and godly ceremony. We are so happy that our baby was finally announced Christian that day.

Father wipe Vince‘s head after pouring baptism water.

Baptism area.

Baby Vince was content and happy.

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