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While at Burnet zoo part 1

One of the attractions we went in Syracuse was in Rosamond Gifford Zoo. We were surprised that the people living there called it Burnet’s zoo rather than its real name. It is maybe because the zoo itself is in Burnet’s park and maybe because the real name itself is hard to remember. Anyhow, we were just wondering about it because we searched everything of our routes online through Google maps. Such a handy site. Anyhow, after we had our business in the hospital which is taking care of Vince in between four feedings, we managed to squeeze in our time in visiting their famous zoo. George got excited when we mentioned animals. He seemed to learn a little bit about animals now. It was a hot day, perfect for touring. By the time we got there, there was a long line and it took us a little while to get into the zoo’s main lobby. From the outside, it does look like a huge zoo. The tickets were around 8 dollars for adults and free for kids ages 3 and below. But, we got a pass from Ronald Mcdonald’s house of charity that entitles us for free visits, so we took comfort in using it. More fun pictures in my next posts.

George and Daddy before entering the zoo.

George and Daddy in line waiting to get inside.

Look at this little mister’s face, ain’t he excited?

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