While at the hospital

Have you experienced kids getting wild in the hospital? How did you handle the situation? My husband and I had a hard time trying to calm down George of his temper tantrum. He was throwing things of his reach and turning plastic chairs and tables upside down. He was shouting and crying. I think he was having a hard time understanding the situation. Without me holding him, he felt unsecured. It was natural of him to feel that way as he is still a toddler and I can’t stop him as I am in bed rest before my labor. What we did to prevent his misunderstanding and tantrum was to send him back to our home and live with his Grandma and Uncle for a while. My husband and I still have a mission to finish while at Syracuse at that time, my early labor and his training. I think it was the best way we can do though it was hard to depart George from us.

This is George and I during his last stay in the hospital. He was about to be fetched by his Uncle to go back home. We had a happy bonding time before he left.

I am happy that he visited me in the hospital as there are no relatives who can visit us there.

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