Parenting ideas part 1

As a mother of one 2 year old and 1 month old kids, I wanted to track the parenting ideas I got and learned in the hope that other parents will learn from me and for others to add ideas as well. Every kid has different parenting tricks. As a fresh parent, everything is a surprise. I thought of applying the good things that my parents taught me when I was kid but I realized, it ain’t that simple.

I almost lost hope in the beginning but I kept on praying that may God guide me so I can be a good mother to my kids. Anyhow, let the research and applications begin. In a place where I am way so far from my relatives and I only got my husband’s 1 brother who haven’t got married and and two parents alive, the first thing I looked for advice is through reading parenting magazines and books. It took me a while to stick to the good ones as there are plenty of them out there and its a matter of time to really get into the real good ones.

To be more specific, I subscribed to Momsense magazine. I love reading mom stories in it. In fact, I learned 3 tricks that might interest parents who got preschool and schooler kids out there about how to teach kids good manners. We know all kids loves gifts. But there is that rude personality that they usually ignore people sending them greeting cards without cash or a gift of clothing or something that is not interesting to them. Parents should pay attention to this. A cool trick to let them know and understand that their reaction is wrong is by describing their action as one of the rude characters of their favorite book. One could also describe that their actions was good by describing it like one of the good characters of their favorite book. To be continued on part 2.

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