A dinner date and movie night

I had a great time spending a dinner date with my husband yesterday. We are glad that my mother in law took a time out visiting my dad in law in the nursing home and baby sitting George and Vince at the same time. I told my husband it feels like it has been a long time we haven’t spend time a night like that. We were just too busy in our day to day schedules and we rarely find time to spend an hour or two for just the two of us. I agree that it is important to keep married life alive and exciting for couples. We talked lots of things and thought of some plans to spend time together this summer. We are planning to go to the beach in Presque Isle and do some mini-golf. We really enjoyed mini-golfing and I bet George can participate playing with us now. I also remembered how the ladies I got to talk to during a Victorian tea party a few months ago, of how they love Tiger Woods play in major golf tournaments. I found an interesting gadget that is found in gps golf guru online that measures short golf shot distances and tracks how far was your walking throughout the course. No wonder why golf players are very organized and confident in playing golf course as I sometimes question how they can really shoot the ball in a far and long distance. Anyhow, I really enjoyed having conversation to my husband and we got so excited to have watched our first 3-D movie together that night called Transformers 3: The Dark of the moon.

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