Parenting ideas part 2

This is the continuation of my research in teaching our kids good manners.

I saw George putting his glass in the kitchen sink. I saw George putting back the cap of the straw in his cup. I saw George throw the dirty diaper to the trash can after I changed his baby brother. I saw George kissing his brother a number of times even if there are people looking at us. There are a number of things that George my toddler did that are good manners that we taught him to do and he always surprised us when he remembers it by just doing it. What I do as a mother when I am keen enough looking wherever he goes and see what he does is good is that, I approach him and kiss him, hug him and if I am far to kiss or hug him, I will just call his attention by calling his name and I say, Thank you to him. Sometimes he smiles, sometimes I even see him shrug or just come to me to be kissed (he even remembers that). I just come to a conclusion that as a mom, it is important to be keen to look for your child, look what’s he doing, and explain or reinforce what he is doing is good or bad. Sometimes, we overlook the good things they have done and react more on the bad things they have done. That should not be the case. Be more keen on the good things they have done rather than waiting for bad things to happen.

One thing I also researched from a parenting magazine is that, for children 3 and up, is to write in a sheet of paper the things you and your children agreed about manners. Discuss with them the good manners and bad manners according to their standard of thinking, and teach them how to continue and do good manners more and avoid bad manners.

My two boys.

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