Weekend plans

The loss of a loved one in our family is still fresh. Whenever I go to my family in law’s house, I felt like I still have to move on the side of their hall to make way for my father in law’s wheel chair. My mother in law also felt like she has to call her husband because she felt like he is still catching up with his wheel chair in our backs. And my husband also felt like we should let our father in law join us in our picnic today. After feeling all these things, we realized that he is gone. We felt some heart aches but we have to move on slowly. My husband and I are going to watch the last movie of Harry Potter today. Thank God to a friend who offered to baby sit our two kids for 6 hours. God bless her heart. And we are going to have dinner together in Betts park together with my mother and brother in law by the time we get back.

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