Parents, be aware about cyberbullying

I have to admit that even me as a mom and a blogger, I am also being bullied by bad visitors in my blogs. I bet young adults and other kids who are into text messaging, blogging, twittering, facebooking and social communicating over the internet, are also experiencing the same. To how extent, I don’t know, but I know many people can be harsh virtually because they can’t be seen face to face and all their monster side can get outside their system.

I have also read lots of articles online that many children, especially young ones got victimized by bullies of people they don’t know like displaying their real phone numbers, emails in their actual social networking accounts. Parents need to pay attention and tell their children that they should be careful in displaying real numbers, addresses and even the danger of all, their credit card numbers visible to the internet public, or else they might be tracked by wanted by the police people or worst of all kidnappers, pedophiles and rapists.

I also noticed that in my ipod touch 4g I have, there is a feature in it that your gadget can be tracked by other people around your neighborhood through their tracking devices other than ipod touch like iphones and others with bluetooth and wifi device. That feature should be turned off once in the public to secure proper privacy and prevent being victimized from other people who can do cyberbullying.

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