While arranging clothes in our closet

My husband and I have been alternating washing our laundry a few days ago. We enjoyed our time washing the clothes as a family because we have a new washing machine that we got from Lowe’s two months ago when our old washer retired. Our son, George was there, so keen in observing what we are busy doing in the laundry room and he did initiate himself to help us by just putting the clothes to be washed. The cute thing made our heart melt, and he enjoyed himself wiggling also as he saw the washer wiggling in washing the clothes. He’s such a sweetheart.

Anyhow, after the clothes were tumbled warm and dry, we hauled them in lampers to our closet upstairs. I noticed while folding and arranging it, most of my clothing are size medium and large. I tried fitting the others and most of the size medium doesn’t fit anymore and some of the large ones barely fit. I realized I need to shop some plus size women’s clothing like the extra large ones. It takes time to loose weight as I barely exercise outside these days. While online shopping at  one stop plus store gave me ideas of what plus size clothes to buy. I have to admit, I like their clearance sale lately where you can buy big size clothes around 20 dollars below. I also saw they have men’s big and tall selection which will be helpful for my husband’s future reference. I like this Chartreuse satin trim dress in their plus size formal dresses selection. Anyhow, we hope to enroll for a family gym membership for like twice a week fitness exercise soon.


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