Picture fun with Mommy’s ipod touch 4g – part 2

I observed that ipod touch 4g is really good in getting close up pictures with good light effects. It gets blurry and grainy if the lights are dark and if your hands are shaking or in motion. It takes pictures very quick because all you have to do is to press the touch screen that has the button to take pictures. Amazing how sensitive the surface of the screen in this gadget. I am careful in not scratching the screen with my nails or else it might not function well. Here are my pictures of my two kiddos.

George and Vince 1VinceVince 2Vince 3

George and Vince seemed to have the funniest faces in this pictures.

 Aren’t they darling? Vince has a perfect smile in the second photo and he seem to know how to raise his eyebrows on the fourth photo. Amazing how gadgets do these days that they are high speed enough to capture every second of facial expressions.

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