While shopping for garden stuff

I told my husband the other day that I want to shop for garden stuff. We went to Walmart and I love shopping in their garden center because its huge and they got a sale going on. I went to the area where I need bags of potting soil. There were bags of potting soil but there was no specific price for ithe brand that I liked. I looked at the other brands of potting soil, they got prices in them but the one that caught my eye didn’t have one. I called a sales guy and I asked if he could tell me the price of the potting soil that I wanted because I want to make sure if its in my price range. He said he is going to get one of their bluetooth barcode scanner so that he can be sure of the price. What a nice gadget, a barcode scanner with bluetooth, I suppose it will be handy to take it around the area as it is wireless. He said its battery needs to be re-charged and it always go near their cashing counter as their manager doesn’t want them to carry it around. He said the potting soil I chose was included in the half off sale, and that was a good thing I asked to get a good deal.

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