Our kids moments – part 1

George has been quite a happy brother as I see him so happy playing with his baby brother Vincent. Sometimes he overdone it that make Vincent irritated. My poor Vincent, quite disturbed in his babyhood than George. But I have to accept the fact as I have to keep my eyes on them both. Having two kids is much interesting than I thought. I never seen George happy and cuddly with other kids after Vincent came to our life. He engaged to other kids very well. Baby Vincent on the other hand, seemed to like his big brother, sometimes. But when I see their eyes meet, there is that look that we are going to be partners someday. I wish I could be in the pictures but I have to be the photographer until our 72 inches tripod will arrive soon.

Pictures below were taken this week while the two kids had a bonding time in our bed.

kids momentskids momentskids moments 3kids moments 4

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