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Irish style jewelry

I have been a fan of celtic arts for a few years now. I just love their interlacing knot designs and green color themes. I learned that celtic is from Irish tradition that brings you luck. I don’t know if its true but the I like to be lucky. They also have shamrock shaped leaf as symbols of fortune. I remember my father in law, a 100 percent Irish blood, that green color, shamrocks and Saint Patrick are traditional good lucks from Irish custom.

If you want good luck charms, how about considering looking at celtic jewelry online. I like the claddagh ring in their selection that they used a precious emerald stone to be in its center charm. It is faceted in either yellow and white pure gold. Very stunning, and its jewelry design background is believed to be named on one of the wealthy tribes that came to Ireland in 500 BC. Other than its design that it has hands holding the green emerald, I also like those ropes and knots interlaced in celtic design as they are symbols of unity and hope. Anyhow, try looking online for these precious gems. They are a classic yet modern style these days.


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