Mommy and Daddy are in the workout routine

My husband and I finally decided to join a local gym called Snapfitness since last week. We met a personal trainer and was surprised that they offer private fitness training other than paying for the gym. Anyhow, he welcomed us by helping us to be enthusiastic in building more muscles in our body rather than the fats. And the gym is one of the best ways to be serious in exercise. It was my first time to be in the gym and my husband’s come back to it after long time of haven’t been into it. I took some pictures. I am so excited and I hope we¬† will be successful in losing weight.

Daddy fitness exercisemommy in the gymdaddy exercisingmommy exercisingmommy exercising 2

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  • chubskulit says:

    yay, way to go yotch, lalo ka nyan sesexy.. kung magkapitbahay sana tayo punta ka dito sa bahay, sa basement tayo magwork out hehehe

    • Mel Cole says:

      salamat yotch rose, nyahaha, workout para ma-sexy at healthy :) sana magkapit-bahay nga lang tayo. no wonder ang sexy mo kasi may underground workout area ka pala…

  • Lisa says:

    oh you will be successful in that routine, patience and determination lang. Good luck!

  • Dhemz says:

    heehhe…muot ko sa term…underground workout…lol! mau ni inyo yotch kay kamo duha….work it baby work it…ehehhee…am sure in less than a month ma sexy kana ug balik..ako ani, mantinir lang sako sa pilo pilo nga bilbil..wahehhehe….:)

  • chubskulit says:

    Fitness nut kasi si hubs so nahahawa ako hehehe, although he works out more than me.. lazy kasi ako minsan hahaha.. We have a treadmill, bowflex and weights at the basement. Investing into a fitness machine is good kasi you can work out anytime.

  • Mona says:

    Buti kapa Mel you have time for this .. Good luck!

  • uggs cheap says:

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