Parenting ideas part 3

Another interesting article I read and to ponder upon from the parenting magazine that as a parent, we should be mindful of how to praise our kid. The most common thing that we praise our kid is that they did what we commanded them to do. The key for a quality praise of parent is to be more observant of what his kid is doing good other than praising him after your commands. If you see your child doing a drawing or building something, acknowledge the thing that they are doing and for how long they did it. Don’t just leave the conversation short, move a little forward, like letting him tell you what is the drawing or what he’s building is about. That way, it will leave your child’s mind to do that action again and again without being told to. The result will be a quality conversation too and the time you spent was good. This is very important to teens and adults as well.

I have done this to my husband too and its amazing how it ended up like one day he got to drawing again and I told him it is really good even though it is not yet done. Then I listened to him while he explained what the drawing was about. And during his art presentation, he won first place of 50 bucks, not just once but twice. I applied it to my toddler. He is quite a nosy little guy. When I say its time for diaper change, he will get the tools I need which is the diapers and wipes with out being told. Maybe he just noticed those are the things I always get during diaper change. I expressed enthusiasm to do the diaper change because he got the materials I need. He even do this when I change his little brother’s diapers too. Its like that simple thing he likes to do again and again because I expressed happiness and acknowledgement every time he does it.

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