Daddy missed to have espresso coffee

My husband has been into espresso coffee making when his Dad gave him an espresso machine. Both of them are the coffee lovers in their family.  I used to join their espresso coffee bonding until I have to breastfeed my babies, I haven’t drink coffee for a quite a long time now. My father in law passed away a month ago, and my husband missed having espresso coffee hours and conversations with his Dad. Our espresso machine need to be fixed as it also gave up the same time that my father in law was in his hospital bed many months ago. Whenever I saw it on a corner of our kitchen, it reminds me of my father in law as well. Its hard to let go of this tired machine and I hope my husband or someone can fix it.

Speaking of fixing, I heard that espresso machines such as Saeco Espresso Machines has repair centers all throughout the U.S. One of it is Seattle coffee gear online where if you have a warranty for your Saeco brand of espresso machines, they can fix it because they are a certified warranty and repair center of Saeco. My husband told me that espresso machines are quite luxurious machines for a rich coffee. I suppose the price is pretty steep if you decide to buy a new again. So why waste your old one that you have espresso machines fixers whom you might not know that they even just there, regionally near you.

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