Our postcards and stamps hobby

Actually, I’m the one into this hobby and I’m encouraging my kids to have this hobby someday. It’s a hobby that’s fun and exciting as you are not just collecting postcards and stamps but learning other beautiful places that will help expand geography knowledge and being able to socialize to people all over the world. As of now, I have 40 different postcards received after starting 4 months agot. We got new sets of postcards arrived this week and it is this Indiana state map postcard and a local place of a postcrosser in Germany. George is holding the two postcards in this picture. George got excited and I am so happy to receive new postcards in our mail box. Yesterday, I was able to finish 41 mails for another batch of postcards I am sending to postcrossers. I noticed that our post office has the Pixar movie stamps out already so I bought a sheet of 20 for like 9 bucks. It is so cute and I took out three of its stamps already to send 2 postcards for 2 kids who will be interested in our postcards. Are you in the postcrossing hobby too?


pixars forever stamps 2

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