Thomas the train values friendship

A friend of my mother in law gave George a train called Thomas. She said her nephew has one like it. Her nephew loves this particular toy as it follows everywhere he goes. It is a neat toy as you don’t need remote control for it to follow you but you just need to tell it to come with you. I thought that was cool and that we tried it and it does follow where our voice is. George even knew his name and he calls the blue train with face “Thomas” a lot of times. He hugs it and it so cute to see him delighted to such toy. The lady told us that from the cartoon series of Thomas the train it teaches kids to value friendship as it goes wherever you go.

Speaking of Thomas the train toy, there are lots of educational toys for kids like it in CP toys online. This cool toy is not just for fun but it teaches your kids how to value friendship, fair play and team work and as a little kid being describe itself though Thomas is a little engine. It has batteries that powers it. For your kids to enjoy Thomas longer, CP toys also has childrens play furniture where they can play little version of Thomas and his friends.

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