Family Time: More fun in the playground

We experienced a heavy rain yesterday that it left some playgrounds flooded. One of our church friends invited us to have a picnic in their house. We had an indoor picnic in their car garage instead. Inside it is where he built a library with all kinds of religious books and he even got a 48 inches flat t.v. in that small place. He said we can use it as our dining table for now.  They got a propane grill where we made hot burgers, kielbasa,  and hotdogs from it. She invited another family during the picnic and we also brought food, so we got lots of food in the table. We had a blast because every one were so friendly, and I got free babysitters who liked my bavinski. :) I was the only Filipino and I’m used to mingle with American family already.  They make a fuss about me. I mean, I like that because they pay attention when I talk and vice versa. I forgot to take pictures though. What I have here are pictures taken last week when the weather was sunny. George, his Uncle Mark and Dad had fun playing with him in the playground nearby my mom in law’s house. My mom in law and I were sitting in the bench together at that time and talking lots of stuff while bavinski is sleeping in his car seat near us. I’m not in the pictures again because I’m the photographer.

george and uncle markdaddy and georgedaddy and george 3daddy and george 2
george, uncle mark and daddy
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