Allegheny mountain short expedition by Mommy and Daddy

My husband and I went to a famous scenic view in our area called Rimrock overlook. It was just 30 minutes drive from our house. He took me there so excitedly. And I asked him what’s the fuss about the place. But before he told me about that, we already got to the place and I was fascinated of what I have seen. We were on the top of the mountains of a dissected plateau. For those of you who aren’t familiar about it, maybe you are familiar of the Allegheny Plateau. It is a very large dissected plateau starting north from west and central New York state, north and west of Pennsylvania, north and west of West Virgina and East of Ohio. In Pennsylvania, where I lived in the northwestern border, between NY and PA, there is a part here called glaciated Allegheny plateau that is believed that it was a big sheet of Ice during Ice age. There are even big and ancient looking rocks here that are also believed to be the remains of the end of Ice age before. I was amazed indeed. Notice how flat and leveled mountains are? Fascinating isn’t it? And the water in this picture I took is the Allegheny river that flows to a dam called Kinzua, in our place. Lots of people do rock climbing, mountain hiking and even swimming in the cleanest water with spectacular view.

rimrock overlook 2rimrock overlook

So what do you think about my pictures? Would you like to visit our place?

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