A clean freezer by Mommy

It has been quite a while I haven’t done cleaning our freezer. Our refrigerator is an old type where it loads freezer on the top and refrigerator on the bottom. It is still working well so I have to maintain cleaning it for it to last longer. Somehow I wished we have those double door ones like the left side of it is all freezer and the right side of it is all refrigerator. But we’ll just have to be contented for this one for now and keep window shopping of the new features that new refrigerators have these days. It was a tough job to do the freezer cleaning as it was crowded and packed up with frozen food. So I turned off the fridge. Put all frozen and perishable products inside our portable cooler. Got a basin full of hot water plus dish-washing liquid. And voila, I got a clean freezer.

freezerfreezer 2
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