A doctor tip for body skin care

I went to an Obstetrics appointment this week. I consulted to a nurse practitioner that I am itchy in some parts of my body. I showed her my arms and she herself can’t figure out what kind of skin irritation am I having. She called a doctor and both of them checked some parts of my body if it is not just the arms affected. The doctor just guess if its folliculitis as it appears like pimples and it is not just spreading in my arms but all over my body. She asked me more of other symptoms I am having with it. I told her that it heals and it comes back again. It is itchy but not sore as I apply lotion to it. She said that I should really take good care of my skin so it won’t pass on to my baby. I told her my baby and my toddler didn’t have it, only me is affected. She said that I should take a bath twice a day. Use Natural Soap that is hypoallergenic. They recommended the brand Aveeno soap as it is the most hypoallergenic soap in all body soaps. I should also avoid used wash cloths and towels and keep the irritated areas clean.

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