Color connection: Mr.G learns the Wheres my tail Puzzles

I spent time playing with my Mr. G today. I bought this puzzle box from amazon where it has two pieces of each ten animals for a toddler to solve. I remember playing with George with a big picture puzzle but he doesn’t pay attention to it because it was much complex to him. This ones are pretty simple and he kept on coming back to find which tail matches the body of an animal. Pretty cute isn’t it?

george and mommy with puzzlesMe and George after matching the animal puzzles.

colorful puzzlesThe miss-matched colorful puzzles before the game started.

colorful puzzlesThe colorful puzzles after he solved it (with mommy’s help).


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  • chubskulit says:

    Wow sis, this will hone Mr. G’s thinking skills. I am sure he will love doing that over and over again. Thanks a lot for joining.

    Curious lang ako sis if nagreregister ang comments ko dun sa Home grown garden blog mo? Para kasing hindi, jaz wonderin hehehe.

    • Mel Cole says:

      Nakita ko na comments mo sis. Glad you told me kasi nasa spam folder at inapprove ko na. Minsan kasi, sa daming spam hindi ko na ni-review ang nasa spam folder at automatic delete kaagad.

  • chubskulit says:

    By the way sis, if may time ka, check mo yung blog post sa blog ni hubs, Rye named the praying mantis George hehehe. Special daw kasi yung praying mantis na yun.

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