Fun Infantino Puzzles

I had these Infantino “Where’s my tail puzzles” for Mr. G in a month now. I am happy that its quality has survived long time with my toddler. He loved playing fun games that involves puzzles. I started introducing this simple puzzle to him in the hope that he will increase his cognitive skills that he will learn animals by picture. This puzzle has 10 different animals and has two puzzles each where Mr. G will find the missing part, either the body or the tail and put them together. I’d like to recommend this fun game as it is cute and educational idea to harness the learning abilities of a toddler.

Aside from these animal puzzles, I’d like to advance him on counting and shapes puzzles as well. I found this online store while searching Canada post’s price comparison shopper selling the same Infantino brand that I like. Now that I am thinking about it, I think this would be one of the list that I am going to give him as a present this Christmas. I am sure Mr. G will be excited to play with this set and I will keep the other puzzles for my second baby to get in the right age to play with it.

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