A fun Mothers meeting

Every first and third Wednesdays of the month, there is this group in our local place where mothers meet. It is called MOPS or the Mother Of Preschoolers. They are very well known mothers social group and organization here in the U.S. As for the first Wednesday this month, we had this Craft day. But before we started the craft, they have announcements to congratulate Moms who are a few weeks pregnant and those who just got their baby. I was surprised that they gave me a personalized blanket for Mr. V. I just thought that was really neat that they made this for my baby. This will be a fine addition to my baby’s personalized baby shower gifts so that it will be a nice memorabilia for him when he gets older. Anyhow, our craft that day was about making a task assignment made of pictures glued to a¬†Popsicle¬†stick and insert them on a wooden rack with holes on the respective days that your child did a specific chore and depending of how many tasks you want your son to do, there will be a rewards day. I just thought that was a really neat idea and somehow, I am motivating my toddler for now as he is too young to understand about chores.

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