A Snuggie for Warmth

Our weather temperature has been fluctuating lately. It’s either 70’s or 35’s, and a perfect timing that I bought this pink snuggie from a thrift store a few weeks ago. Fall has¬†unpredictable¬†weather in our place and it could snow any time. I have used this snuggie quite a few times already and it gives warmth and not just me but also when I’m snuggling with my two kiddos and husband. It’s a blanket that has sleeves so it gives constant warmth to your body. I love its fleecy texture as it so soft and comfy like hugging a stuff toy. Having thick blankets is essential as preparation for winter.


Me snuggling with Mr. G.

snuggie fleece blanket

Do you have a Snuggie too?

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  • Shydub says:

    I thought snuggie is is very cheap na nasa 5 bucks lang hehehe but when i saw the price before and its 14 bucks umatras ako, good thing nanalo ako sa listia so save ang lola hehehehe, pero yung snuggie ko gihimong hapin sa akong bana intawn karon nahimong trapo waaaaa

  • Mrs.D says:

    wala ko ani yotch…mantinir lang ko ug habol…wahehehhe….:) looks very comfy…nice pa jud ang color…:)

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