Weight loss progress

I haven’t been going to the Fitness center lately. Too many tasks I have to do inside the house and online that kept me busy. I weighed myself today and down to one pound from 158 to 157. It fluctuates once in a while but I am happy that I am staying at that range rather than to be 160 again. My husband is the one who kept himself busy in weight lifting. He said he lost 2 pounds halfway in his second month of going to the fitness center. He hopes it will stay that way till this month ends and lose another 2 pounds in the next month. While searching for more healthy tips in losing weight, I came across HCG injections Austin where the HCG hormone activates the fat stores to be used as energy and thus being burned. Interesting weight loss alternative these days but it seemed too good to be true for me. I shall continue eating oatmeal diet, doing 15 minute exercises in the mornings and drink 8 glasses of water everyday for my body fitness and progress in losing weight.

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