Online School can pursue Masters Degree

I have a first degree cousin who is an educator. She has a daughter who graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education major in Physics. The girl was very talented and she was accepted at once to teach Physics subject in one of our local schools. One afternoon, I visited to their house and I happened to talk to her daughter. As we go along in our conversation, she mentioned to me about of her plan to take up a Masters Degree in Physics. But she was apprehensive about this because of time element. She cannot just easily go out from her class and then go to school to attend classes for her Master’s Degree. Then I remembered WaldenU school online whom my eldest daughter mentioned to me to open it to give information for her further schooling in masters degree. When I opened the website, it came to my knowledge that this is an online university. They will admit international students if they are qualified. With Walden University’s online degree programs, I think the daughter of my first degree cousin can realize her dreams.

From Mel Cole’s Mom

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