While shopping at Bonton

My mother in law, my kids and I went to Bonton the other day. She thought of buying a birthday present to my brother in law. I asked her what would he like to have. She said he told her that it only cost 200 dollars to buy a good watch. My reaction was, is he kidding or what. She said she did bought him an expensive watch before but the problemwas that it was also expensive to replace their batteries. While helping her hunt a good watch for my brother in law, I also saw¬†iphone 3gs cases and ipod 4g cases. I don’t have an iphone but I do have an ipod. I thought the blue cookie monster iphone and ipod silicone cases were neat and I remembered the Aztec design case price online was around 9 dollars whereas the one I liked in Bonton was 12 dollars. I am torn as I like them both. I said to myself to deal with it later. I recommended to my mother in law a men’s Fossil watch that I found that was around 95 dollars, but then it has a rubber made band and the one that my brother in law would like is with stainless steel band. Then I saw another watch at around 27 dollars with analog-digital feature and stainless steel looking band. When she saw what I was pointing, she said we will just buy it and she even got a discount from it and payed around 19 dollars. Whew, what a find. And she went home contented and my brother in law liked it.

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