Family bonding at Old Country buffet

Today has gone by so fast for me. Last night I wasn’t able to sleep because I am doing a make over at my other blog. I was downloading vector graphics online and have to create my own header or banner and background for the first time with vectors and converting it to pdf and to png files with GIMP and Inkscape. Thank God its done. If you want to check it out, its in Our tradition during November 1 and 2 in Philippines is to celebrate All Saints and Soul’s day by going to the church, offering mass to our dear departed loved ones and have a small get together either camp out in the cemetery in large groups or just stay eat with relatives at home. My husband’s family tradition is just go to mass and celebrate something special about it. So for today, I did not hesitate to join my in laws to go to Erie City to go to a latin mass at St. Anne’s Church and eat out. Our favorite restaurant there is the Old Country buffet. They got all American food and salad bar there. It was good. And here I am, rushing in to share it to Ruby Tuesday.

Old country buffet restaurant
daddy and georgemommy and baby vince

 Sharing this post to Ruby Tuesday.

Ruby Tuesday

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