A Happy Night at my Grand Ma’s house

Yesterday, we went to visit my mother in law’s house to spend a few hours of the night bonding. I am blessed to have her as a mother in law as she is kind and thoughtful to me. That day, she even offered to baby sit George whole afternoon. And she even cooked for us for Friday dinner. I noticed she needs help in washing the dishes in her sink. She said I should not bother with it as my brother in law can take care of it. She just wonder why he won’t buy a dishwasher who can take care of those dishes right away. I told her if he needs any, she can compare dishwasher prices like the bosch dishwashers I found online. She said she will think about it and is interested to check those out in the internet. We watched a movie together called INK. It was an interesting movie as it is one of those low budget movie out there and family themed. We got home safe and sound and we are thinking of going to her house again tonight.

with grandma

A picture I took last night from my ipod. Grand ma is at the back holding Mr. V.

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