Some Simple cures for Winter Cough

Temperature has been unstable lately. It could be hot and humid or cold and dry. Our body is slowly adjusting to prepare for the cold winter season. Anytime, we could get that Winter Cough that could decrease our appetite and feel lethargic to do our errands. It could cause other health problems to your families especially that kids has low immunity. Here are a some simple cures once you detect you or someone in your family is having a cold:

  • Try a 10 minute hot shower for its steam can reduce nasal congestion and inflammation.
  • Try over the counter medicines such as expectorants to help soften phlegm.
  • Use a humidifier that is set at 30 to 30 percent humidity.
  • Eat a bowl of Chicken soup, daily if possible.
  • Go walking at least for 30 minutes to stimulate adrenaline hormone to help lessen nasal inflammation.
  • If the cough is getting worse like having fever of 101 Fahrenheit, consult your Family Doctor.

boy at doctor check-up

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